National Notary Day November 7th
- Thank Your Notary!

Probably before you ever bought a home, signed mortgage documents, or made a will, you needed the services of a Notary Public. Today, with the instances of lawsuits, identity theft and fraud, many more forms are requiring notarization – if you can believe it, even grade school forms! Without a Notary Public, some of these everyday transactions would be impossible.

In 1974, the American Society of Notaries established every November 7th as
National Notary Public Day, as a way to recognize notaries for their public service and contribution to national and international commerce.  This particular date was chosen because it was supposedly the day America’s first Notary Public, Thomas Fugill was appointed.

There are over 4.3 million notaries nationwide, with almost 400,000 notaries in the State of Florida alone.  Since the Greeks and Romans thousands of years ago, notaries have been the official record keepers of important public and private transactions. Today, notaries perform a vital function in many of our highly personal transactions where honesty and integrity are a must – and an added deterrent for anyone contemplating fraud.

So say, Thank You”  to your local Notary today!

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